Current Features

NowSecure Auto provides static, dynamic, and interactive mobile application security testing that integrates into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and supports continuous integration (CI) tools.

Form factor

NowSecure Auto is available both as a SaaS (cloud) service or can be installed on-premises with a combination of software and the physical devices used for testing.

The application can be interacted with either via our full featured API or through a web interface.

Test Coverage


Test Category Test Details
Code Analysis
Code obfuscation/encryption
App Certificate
Dynamic Code Loading
Code Decompilation
Network and Web Traffic
Improper SSL/TLS
Sensitive Data Leakage
Arbitrary File Write
Dynamically Downloaded Code
Insecure Data Transmission
Proxy data interception
Native Library Hooks
Arbitrary Code Execution
Root Execution
World-Writable Files
World-Readable Files
Authentiation Analysis
SSL enforcement
Insecure credential transmission
TouchID implementation check (iOS)