Getting Started

NowSecure Auto can be setup for security testing your mobile app in under 90 seconds. To begin, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Register for NowSecure Auto, which creates an account in NowSecure’s Single Sign On (SSO) system and provides access to NowSecure Auto and other NowSecure products.

  2. After registration, log in to NowSecure Auto.

  3. On the App Dashboard, click the Upload App button, select a mobile app (.apk or .ipa) from your local file system, and click Open.

  4. On the App Dashboard, select a group from the Upload to Group modal and click the Confirm button.

Your app will be uploaded to NowSecure Auto and the static and dynamic security tests will both be queued up in the system.

To view the progress of your security tests or view the report when testing is complete, simply click on your app package name on the App Dashboard.

Getting Started


You have performed your first mobile security audit in just a few minutes! The remaining User Guide will explain additional information on the powerful features and options available to you in NowSecure Auto.