Integration Services

NowSecure offers integrations with our API and within our cloud dashboard to allow users to push code, perform a mobile security assessment automatically, and track issues.

Continous Integration Servers

Tutorials on the following pages will show users how they can configure CI servers to integrate NowSecure Auto and automatically perform mobile security assessments every time a new build is complete.

These integrations can be configured using an API token and configuring a post-build step. This post-build step is a simple curl command included in a mobile app’s code that notifies our system to begin a security assessment when the app build is complete.

Bug and Issue Tracking Systems

NowSecure offers both API integration and push-button integration with JIRA and GitHub. While some users prefer to see their reports in our cloud dashboard, other prefer to surface those results in their current issue trackers, like GitHub, to quickly assign issues to their development, QA, and security teams.

Example of Continuous Integration Testing

By integrating with other services, we allow you to more quickly and easily automate mobile app security testing in the environments you prefer.