Atlassian JIRA Integration

JIRA Integration Instructions


The following tutorial will guide you through the process of integrating JIRA with your NowSecure Auto account.

Integration Step-By-Step

STEP 1 Enter the url for your application link. Application link information can be found here.


STEP 2 Click the create new link button.


STEP 3 A pop-up window will appear to configure your application link. Enter the application name and leave the default Application Type field as Generic Application. Click the continue button.


STEP 4 A window will appear stating “Processing” while completing the configuration link.


STEP 5 Click the pencil icon to edit the application link you created.


STEP 6 A pop-up window with Outgoing Authentication and Incoming Authentication options will appear. Click on the Incoming Authentication option. Enter the Application Name and the Display URL. Application link information can be found here. Click the update button at the bottom of the window.


STEP 7 You will be presented with an OAuth window. Enter your Consumer Key and Consumer Name. Application link information can be found here.


STEP 8 Scroll down to the Public Key field. Enter the public key provided here. The Public Key will start with —-BEGIN PUBLIC KEY—- and will end with —-END PUBLIC KEY—-.


STEP 9 Once the above information is entered, click the Save button.


Integration Complete

JIRA integration is now complete for your account with NowSecure Auto. If you need assistance with setting up Outbound Authentication, feel free to contact support. Our support staff will assist you immediately.