Github Integration

Integrate Github with NowSecure Auto

This walkthrough will teach users how to integrate NowSecure Auto with GitHub to track issues. At the end of this tutorial, users will be able to quickly perform a security assessment on a mobile app and seamlessly log results in GitHub.

STEP 1 Select GitHub from the NowSecure Auto Integration Dashboard

Within the Account panel, click on Integrations to see the available services you can integrate with NowSecure Auto. Simply click on the “Add GitHub” button to begin the integration process.

STEP 2 Authorize the integration via GitHub

Once you’ve clicked the “Add GitHub” button, you’ll be prompted to authorize NowSecure Auto as an application within GitHub. Once you review the authorization window on GitHub, click “Authorize application” at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 3 Confirm your account is authorized in NowSecure Auto

After authorizing NowSecure Auto with your GitHub account, you will be given the option to “Return to the Integration Dashboard.” The GitHub integration should now be “authorized” in the list of integrations.

STEP 4 Configure your app for your chosen GitHub repo

Before test findings can be recorded as issues within your GitHub repository, you’ll have to configure your assessment in NowSecure Auto. After clicking on a mobile app in the Dashboard, select Configure from the top window. Scroll down to Integrations, where you should see the field when you can enter a repository name. To add a repository, enter the name of your Owner/Repo. In the screenshot above, you’ll see the account name (owner) as “aramirezDemo” and “LabAuto” as the repo. Results will appear in the repo you prefer.

STEP 5 Confirm and run the assessment to populate results in GitHub

Once your integration settings are correct, confirm them at the bottom of the Configure screen to run your assessment. Once static and dynamic analysis is completed in NowSecure Auto, you’ll be able to see findings logged as Issues within your designated GitHub repo. Clicking on an Issue within the GitHub interface will give you more details about the Issue including information about the flaw, severity, and remediation information for security and development teams.

Video Tutorial

This video will guide you through the process of integrating your NowSecure Auto Account with Github.