Jenkins Integration

Jenkins Integration Instructions

The following tutorial will guide you through the process of integrating Jenkins with NowSecure Auto.

Required Plugins

Jenkins will need the following plugins installed:

Integration Step-By-Step

STEP 1 Get an API token from NowSecure Auto

API tokens can be created by navigating to the Profile & Preferences page. Enter a Token Name in the Create Access Token field and click the Create button.

STEP 2 Go to the configuration of your Jenkins job and check “Inject environment variables into the build process.”

Here, you will create an environment variable with the path and file of your built application.

STEP 3 Next check the “Inject passwords to the build as environment variables” box.

The name should be the environment variable you wish to use. Place the authentication token into the Password box.

STEP 4 Scroll down to the Post-Build actions.

  • Click “Add post-build action”->”Enable a set of scripts”
  • Open Execute Shell

STEP 5 Edit the sample script to upload an app and trigger an assessment.

<platform> and <package> will change based on your specifications

curl \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer '$API_TOKEN \ --data-binary @$APP_FILE

Integration Complete

Jenkins integration is now complete for your account with NowSecure Auto. If you need assistance, feel free to contact support. ```