Register Your Account

You can establish a NowSecure Auto account in one of three ways:

  1. GitHub Single Sign On

  2. Google Single Sign On

  3. Register with NowSecure

When you first visit NowSecure Auto, you will be presented with a link to login or create a new account.

NowSecure Single Sign On application

By clicking the link, you will be redirected to NowSecure’s Single Sign On application, a central place for you to login and manage access to all of NowSecure’s products.

Our SSO application provides three methods for you to authenticate, including:

  1. Authentication via Google

  2. Authentication via GitHub

  3. Local authentication

Users are free to choose whichever method they prefer as all accounts are treated equally. To simplify authentication, users may want to authenticate through Google or GitHub.

Authorizing via GitHub or Google

When you choose to authorize your account via GitHub or Google, you will be redirected to the corresponding service for authentication. If you are not logged in at that time, you will follow your normal login process, including Two Factor Authentication if enabled. After you have authenticated, you will be asked to allow NowSecure SSO access to the following information:

GitHub Google
• Email address (read-only) • Know who you are on Google
• View your email address

NowSecure has no further access to your account information. We need to know your name and your email address to setup your NowSecure Account. Press the “Authorize application” (GitHub) or “Allow” (Google) button to authorize access after which you will be registered, logged in and re-directed to NowSecure Auto.

Create a NowSecure local account

You can create an account directly in NowSecure’s SSO application without leveraging GitHub or Google for authentication. To create your account, click the Register tab and then complete the following fields:

  1. Name

  2. Company

  3. Email

  4. Password

  5. Confirm password

After you successfully register, you will then be redirected to NowSecure’s SSO login page so you can login to your new account. After you successful login, you will be redirected to NowSecure Auto.