Inviting Users

For security purposes, only Administrators can Add and/or Invite users to the organization.

Add or Invite Users to Organization

  • To Add or Invite a user to an organization, click the Add User button

Role-Based Access Control

  • Enter the User/Invitee’s Name in the name input field

  • Enter the User/Invitee’s Email Address in the email address input field

  • Select a Group from the Group dropdown menu to assign the user

  • Select a Role from the Role dropdown menu to assign the user

  • Click the Send button

Role-Based Access Control

The Admin can view pending invitations in the Profile & Preferences section on the Invite tab

Role-Based Access Control

Accepting and Confirming an Invitation

  • The User/invitee will receive an email notification, click the Confirm button in the email.

  • The User will be redirected to in the browser. It will instruct them to Sign Up for an account or Log in to an existing account.

Role-Based Access Control

  • After signing up an logging into an account, the user will be presented with Accept and Decline button in the user interface. Click the Accept button.

Role-Based Access Control

The user will then be redirected to the main dashboard with applications for that specific group they are assigned.

Role-Based Access Control