Test Configuration

Every time a security assessment is run in NowSecure Auto, the user has the opportunity to configure login credentials and other sensitive information relevant to their mobile app. This information allows the mobile app to be opened and run on real devices in our device farm.

Contact and Credentials

Login credentials and configuration information includes:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Device ID / Imei
  • GPS coordinates
  • Wifi MAC addresses

Search Terms, Action Strings, and Automation Scripts

Within the Configure window, users will see several important tabs: Search, Actions, and Automation.

Search Tab

This tab allows users to look for terms relevant to their app and apply the proper login credentials during the security assessment.

Actions Tab

This tab allows users to configure the labels the app automator will tap on, or avoid tapping on, while navigating your app.

Automation Tab

This tab allows users to upload a Custom Automation Script that will fully guide our app automator through a security assessment.


The following pages will offer tutorials and examples for proper login configuration and common troubleshooting issues.