Action Strings

Automator Action Strings are located within the Configure window by clicking the Actions tab.

Action Strings

These commands provide a quick way for users to edit the automator’s tapping on the functions of their application. The actions are presented in two categories.

Tappable Actions to Search For

These actions are the ones that you want the automator to click. The automator will follow the order of these actions as they are presented in this list.

Tappable Actions to Avoid

These actions are the ones you do not want the automator to click. Social sign ins and other web-based configurations will pause the security assessment and could present you with inconsistet results.

Adding and Reordering the Actions

Actions can easily be added by typing them in to the bottom of the list and pressing ENTER on your keyboard.

Action Strings

In the above example, we created the new action I already have an account.

Then, you can click the action and slide it to its desired position.

Note: In many cases, the developer may have created their own terminology or naming conventions for functions within their app. We recommend being as exact as possible when adding and removing actions as well as asking the development team for details on the names of the functions within each specific app.