iOS Automation Script

XCTest Automation Framework

The XCUI testing framework that is built on top of XCTest. It includes additional classes (such as UIAccessibility). These tests can be written in Swift or Objective-C. The tests are packaged in a test ipa (iOS packaged application) runner that executes the tests on the AUT(application under test) ipa.

Uploading the XCTest Runner

From the dialogue box, select the XCTest runner .ipa file you would like to upload and click the “Open” button. The XCTest runner app will now upload to the NowSecure Auto configuration settings for your app.

XCTest Automation

XCTest Automation

Configuring the XCTest Function

After the XCTest runner .ipa uploads successfully, enter the XCTest function name for your XCTest automation script.

XCTest Automation

Save the XCTest Automation Configuration

After uploading XCTest runner .ipa and entering the XCTest function name, click the Save button to save the XCTest automation configuration.

XCTest Automation

Your XCTest automation script will execute when you run your next assessment.