Login Credentials

Default Login Credentials

When an app is uploaded, we provide default user credentials in the Configure window. In many cases, these credentials will properly log in to the mobile app and allow the security assessment to begin.

In some cases, the user will need to configure valid login credentials to properly log in to the app to provide more thorough results.

Contact Information

Test Credentials

The default credentials are shown above. While these credentials can provide insight into the security of a mobile app, we recommended that users consider editing these credentials with a valid user account to ensure that their mobile app runs successfully.

Credentials

Test Credentials

The Sign-In Credentials tab offers the user the ability to insert a USERNAME and PASSWORD into our your assessment. In many cases, like the included example, the Username is an E-mail address.

What An Invalid Log In Looks Like

The example app here requires valid login credentials or a real user account in order to run a proper security assessment.

Before valid credentials are input in the Configure window, the app will stop running and restart when our automator attempts to probe the app.

How to Configure a Proper Log In Using the Credentials Tab

This mini-tutorial will explain how to add valid credentials to your tests to run a proper security assessment.

Note: Due to the configuration of the mobile app during development, login credentials will not properly be entered. In this circumstance, please contact NowSecure Support so we can work with you and your team to properly configure a custom automation script.

STEP 1: Click on the Configure window and then the Credentials tab.

STEP 2: Enter the proper login credentials into the USERNAME and PASSWORD fields. In many cases, like the included example, the Username is an E-mail address.

Test Credentials

STEP 3: Click Save & Run to initiate your security assessment.

In the above example, you can see the app properly logged in by using the valid account we submitted.