April 2017



  • Security Score Now, the most recent version of each app will be measured with the NowSecure Security Score. This score, which ranges from 0 - 100, uses our proprietary algorithm based on CVSS, to rate the security of each mobile app.

  • Category Filtering  We added a dropdown menu at the top of every individual app report that allows you to more easily navigate the report findings. You can now quickly filter the findings by Artifact, Permissions, Code, Network, etc.


  • App Metadata Accuracy Important app information (Last Seen, App Created, App Updated, and App Install Size) is now accurate.

  • Duplicate Findings Sensitive Data in Transit (With and Without Encryption) no longer surfaces duplicate findings.




  • iOS Search Users can now search for iOS apps just like they previously could for Android apps.

  • App Pinning Users can now pin individual app version reports so they can more easily return to them later. To pin a report, simply click the pin button within the individual report window. Pinned reports can then be found by clicking the pin icon on the home dashboard.


  • Fixed issue affecting proper logout.