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Getting Started

Search results are sorted by name by default, starting with the most relevant result.

When you click on the application you want, you’ll be presented with the app’s version history from the relevant app store (either Google Play store or the Apple App Store).

Version history is recorded alongside important app metadata such as total downloads, developer, install size, etc.

Versions with the “View Report” link are versions that have been tested and have a security report available.  Versions without the report link have not had the assessment run.

If the app or version you’re interested in does not have a report available, you can request analysis be performed and NowSecure will run the report.

Click on the “View Report” link under a version to see the issue summary for that application’s version.

  • Green checkmarks indicate that the app had no vulnerabilities or security issues

  • Orange exclamation points indicate that the app had vulnerabilities, but they are not urgent/critical

  • Red exclamation points indicate a critical vulnerability in the app

  • Blue information circles indicate a behavioral event, with more information available

Clicking on these icons jumps down to the relevant section of the report.  This will give more detail as to the test result and what the vulnerability could mean for your organization.  For more information on the reports, see the Example Report description.

If you need to refer back to a report, click the pin icon on the report and it will save to the Pinned Reports section.  This area, accessible from the left sidebar, lists all the reports you have pinned so you can quickly access them later.