• iOS 10 Support is here! Shoutout to qwertyoruiopz and former NowSecure rockstar marcograss for the iOS 10 jailbreak!

  • Modification of Default Findings - Workstation can now remember changes users make to our default findings so they don’t have to modify them with every new assessment

  • Report Redactions - removes sensitive data (username, pass, keywords, etc…) from the report on request so critical test credentials can’t be gleaned from reports should they be intercepted or simply lost

  • Updated OWASP Mappings (2016) - re-mapped the OWASP Top Ten to ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest.

  • Some apps wouldn’t show up in the lists of apps installed in some feeble attempt to not undergo security testing. Those apps now appear correctly

  • Selecting a file to overwrite when exporting a report would sometimes overwrite the wrong file, causing confusion, disturbing the peace. No longer

  • The report editor window kept jumping around when you would check/uncheck an item, it now behaves properly

  • Some iOS snapshots were hiding in a different directory. We found them!


  • New Mitmproxy Feature - Added the -insecure option to Mitmproxy providing greater network traffic coverage for apps that use TLS.

  • Bug Fix for Mitmproxy and Interactive Proxy - We fixed an issue that existed when trying to push untrusted certificates. Our code has been updated to restore full man-in-the-middle capabilities. This issue only affected users who updated to v4.1.


  • Mitmproxy Update - Mitmproxy has now been updated to version 0.18. This update allows users to view certificate pinning and validation results in real time. Mitmproxy 0.18 also gives users the ability to test SSL over custom ports. These improvements should improve false negatives.

  • Improved Log Capture for iOS - This forensic check for iOS now supports all iOS 9 devices.

  • Enhanced iOS Static Check Stability - We’ve enhanced the performance of iOS static checks that were previously causing some errors or crashes.


  • Displays Background Modes and Behaviors that the application is leveraging based on libraries imported by the application.

  • iOS Forensics Update: In a recent 9.x version, applications began storing data in a separate “Shared” directory on the device in addition to the standard private application directory. This new location has been added to the “Forensics” tab

  • Resolved an issue where Lab Workstation was incorrectly flagging the Certificate Validation test as a Medium risk due to some traffic being generated by self-signed certificate, and was not related to an application vulnerability. We also added a fix to resolve an issue related to the NSFileProtection Output (iOS static check).


  • Interactive proxy integration

  • Forensic File Protection class information shown in artifact viewer for each file

  • iOS static check for files with NSFileProtectionNone

  • Ability to automatically lookup organizations via IP addresses in captured network traffic

  • Ability to sort issues by severity in report iOS

  • App Transport Security check updated

  • Improvements to Touch ID check

  • Added screenshot functionality during Data Capture step


  • Addition of CVSS scores to Issues Found

  • Updated test descriptions and result/recommendation verbiage

  • Radare2 integration (for reverse engineering)

  • Output context added for the ASLR check

  • Report arrangement restructure (splitting results out according to relevant section)

  • Filtered iOS keychain output to only show values matching search terms

  • Squashed the SQL Injection bug fix that caused Workstation to crash occasionally

  • Fixed a bug that prevented output creation from Advanced Tab

  • Swift support for reversing symbols and classes


  • iOS 9.0 and 9.1 support

  • NIAP mapping: findings now include configuration guidelines from National Information Assurance Partnership

  • Improved provisioning for iOS devices reduces the amount of time it takes to install a new agent and certificate on iOS testing devices

  • Resolve memory analysis and automation scripting issues with iOS 9.0 and 9.1.


  • Modify recommendations and regulatory information

  • Rename assessments

  • iOS 8.4 Support

  • UI, reporting, importing, and static analysis bug fixes

  • Rebranded from viaLab to NowSecure Lab

  • Mitmproxy upgraded to the latest 0.12.1 version

  • Android agent updated to v2.3


  • Phone backup/restore feature (Android)

  • IP Geolocation on Network tests

  • Link to 42 Best Practices included for several findings directly in the report

  • Automated LocalAuthentication bypass (TouchID) added as a iOS Cycript function

  • Interface redesign (use of latest GTK3 framework)

  • Artifact viewer enhancements

  • New emulator packages


  • Based on our latest security-minded linux distribution, Santoku 0.5

  • Import search teams using a CSV file

  • Improvements to the automated searches and to the static analysis tests

  • Enhanced iOS device handling and detection