Device Provisioning

Provisioning a device so it can be used with NowSecure Lab can be done entirely through the user interface. The Device Provisioning Wizard, which can be found in the Device Manager, will guide you through this process.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Agent provisioning requires a jailbroken or rooted device, which is the responsibility of the user. Provisioning should only be performed on test devices you own, which can be reset if needed, and which do not contain valuable user or business data.

NO WARRANTY: Agent software and the device provisioning process is provided as-is and without warranty. NowSecure is not responsible for any lost data, file corruption, or device operation problems caused by user’s jailbreaking/rooting, or by installation or use of the Agent software using the device provisioning feature.

Please contact NowSecure Support for more information on device provisioning.

Starting the Device Provisioning Wizard

There are two ways to start the Device Provisioning Wizard.

  1. Click the “Device Manager” button in the bottom-left of NowSecure Lab. When in the Device Manager, click the button labeled “Provision Device”.

  2. Click Options->Device Manager in the options menu located in the top-right of NowSecure Lab. When in the Device Manager, click the button labeled “Provision Device.”

Choose your device platform

On the page titled “Getting started” you will need to choose the platform of the device to be provisioned. This should be the platform (Android or iOS) of the mobile device connected to your computer.

Device Provisioning Wizard

Before continuing you must agree to the terms.

Terms of Service

Android provisioning

Provisioning an Android device takes only 2 or 3 steps. There will be compatibility checks to ensure we can successfully provision the device and a provisioning step that will automatically provision your device.

On the page titled “Enable USB debugging” follow steps 1-3 on your Android device to enable USB debugging. Then, click the button labeled “Check” in step 4 to verify USB debugging is enabled and that NowSecure Lab can communicate with the attached device.

Device Provisioning Wizard

On the page titled “Check compatibility”, click the button labeled “Check” to start the check. If the check fails, compare the Android version of your device with the requirements listed on the page(shown below).

Passing the compatibility check does NOT guarantee that provisioning will be successful. Not all devices have been tested using this provisioning process.

Android Device Provisioning

On the page titled “Provision device” click the button labeled “Provision” to start provisioning your device.

Android Device Provisioning

A command output window (shown below) will show the provisioning progress. Once complete click on the button labeled “Finished” to continue.

Android Device Provisioning

On the page titled “You are finished” you will see a dialog window (shown below) that you may see on your device. Follow the instructions to grant access and click the button labeled “Close” to close the Device Provisioning Wizard.

Android Device Provisioning

iOS provisioning

Provisioning an iOS device is done on the device. The link in the Device Provisioning Wizard will take you to our support website and will walk you step-by-step through the provisioning process.

iOS Device Provisioning

iOS Device Provisioning