Provisioning an Android Device

Using the NowSecure Device Provisioning Wizard

The device provisioner is a Mac OSX application that enables the provisioning of Android 6+. This does not run within the Workstation VM. Currently, supported devices are as follows:

Device Android Version(s)
Nexus 5 6
Nexus 5X 6, 7
Nexus 6 6, 7
Nexus 6P 6, 7
  1. Download the latest .dmg file from here:

  2. Double-click the .dmg and copy the device provisioner icon into the the Applications folder.

  3. Double-click the device provisioner icon.

Android Device Provisioning

Step through the initial screens, agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

The Unlock section walks through the instructions for ensuring that the bootloader is unlocked. This is a requirement for device provisioning and the process will fail if the bootloader remains locked. Using the refresh button near the top of the page, you can re-check for unlocked status. If the check comes back as false, use the the instructions provided to unlock the bootloader.

Android Device Provisioning

The next section is Requirements. Ensure that all requirements are met. If a certain requirement is not met, copy/paste the appropriate install command into a Terminal window. Once complete, all the dependecies should show as installed (green).

Android Device Provisioning

On the device selection page, the connected device (if any) will be automatically selected from the list. Otherwise, select the appropriate device and Android OS to continue.

Android Device Provisioning

On the following page, you will see the option to provision the device. It is important that the device remain connected during the provisioning process, otherwise the device could end up in an odd state.

Android Device Provisioning

Once complete, you will see a confirmation. From there, continue to the next page to complete any next steps (if any). If any errors occured during provisioning, a relevant error message will appaer. The provisioning process is now complete.

Android Device Provisioning

Updates for the Device Provisioner

New devices or additional Android OS support will come in the form of updates. An update mechanism has been built into the app, so all you need to do is wait for a confirmation. When an update is available, it is automatically downloaded, and will be installed on the next launch of the application.

Android Device Provisioning

Legacy Method

These instructions assume that you have already factory reset your device on 4.0.4 - 4.4.2 or that you have already rooted your 4.4.3+ device. Click for root instructions on Android 4.x/5.x or Android 6.

Android Device Provisioning

NowSecure Workstation 3.0+ now includes the ability to provision devices automatically. In order to do this, we must make certain assumptions about the device:

Android 4.0.4 - 4.3

In this case, NowSecure Workstation performs both the provisioning, and the rooting process automatically. You can start with a stock device, and NowSecure Workstation do the rest. Although we attempt to keep our list of supported devices up-to-date, it is best if your device is on this list.

Android 4.4+ and up

As mentioned previously, 4.4 devices will need to already be rooted, and have the SuperSU application installed. If you have already completed these steps, you will just need to walk-through the device provisioning wizard, which has been outlined below:

Using the NowSecure Workstation Device Provisioning Wizard (Android)

There are two ways to start the Device Provisioning Wizard.

  1. Click the “Device Manager” button in the bottom-left of NowSecure Workstation. When in the Device Manager, click the button labeled “Provision Device”.

  2. Click Options->Device Manager in the options menu located in the top-right of NowSecure Workstation. When in the Device Manager, click the button labeled “Provision Device.”

Choose your device platform

On the page titled “Getting started” you will need to choose the platform of the device to be provisioned. This should be the platform (Android or iOS) of the mobile device connected to your computer.

Device Provisioning Wizard

Before continuing you must agree to the terms.

Terms of Service

Android provisioning

Provisioning an Android device takes only 2 or 3 steps. There will be compatibility checks to ensure we can successfully provision the device and a provisioning step that will automatically provision your device.

On the page titled “Enable USB debugging” follow steps 1-3 on your Android device to enable USB debugging. Then, click the button labeled “Check” in step 4 to verify USB debugging is enabled and that NowSecure Workstation can communicate with the attached device.

Device Provisioning Wizard

On the page titled “Check compatibility”, click the button labeled “Check” to start the check. If the check fails, compare the Android version of your device with the requirements listed on the page(shown below).

Passing the compatibility check does NOT guarantee that provisioning will be successful. Not all devices have been tested using this provisioning process.

Android Device Provisioning

On the page titled “Provision device” click the button labeled “Provision” to start provisioning your device.

Android Device Provisioning

A command output window (shown below) will show the provisioning progress. Once complete click on the button labeled “Finished” to continue.

Android Device Provisioning

On the page titled “You are finished” you will see a dialog window (shown below) that you may see on your device. Follow the instructions to grant access and click the button labeled “Close” to close the Device Provisioning Wizard.

Android Device Provisioning