5.1 Update

The Workstation 5.1 update includes a script that current users can run to install optional dependecies. This script addresses the following:

  • An issue with the udev rules prevented the permissions from being set properly when connected a provisioned Android 7 device.
  • VIM mappings were set incorrectly preventing the use of arrow keys
  • Installs Cutter – a GUI for radare2 which can be used to view certain artifacts (Memory Dump, iOS Exec, etc..)

If you downloaded the VM running Workstation 5.1 (Released 03/06/2018) or later, there is no need to run this script.

To run the script, run the following commands from within the Workstation VM:

1. wget downloads.nowsecure.com/direct/5.1-update-workstation.sh

2. sudo bash 5.1-update-workstation.sh

3. rm 5.1-update-workstation.sh