Step 2 Installing NowSecure Workstation

Step 2: Installing NowSecure Workstation

This step assumes that you have downloaded the VM.ZIP file to your computer. If you haven’t downloaded the VM.ZIP file, please see the previous step: Obtaining the NowSecure Workstation Software.

The standard supported setup includes a MacBook Pro running VMWare Fusion 8.5+. These instructions have been tailored to that setup. If you are unable to use MacOSX as a host operating system, please reference our NowSecure Workstation system requirements for alternative options:

Starting Lab Worksation from the Pre-built VM

With the pre-built VM, all the legwork has already been completed. As long as you have already installed VMWare Fusion, you simply just need to unzip the “” file, open it, and double click on the “NowSecure-Workstation” VMWare file (you should recognize the Fusion icon). Once launched, the environment will spin up and you can continue the setup process.

It is recommended that you install the latest OS updates. You can do this by searching for Software Updater in Ubuntu search.

Logging in for the First Time

Logging in for the First Time

The default username is automatically set as “analyst” and the default password is set as nowsecure.

Once you are able to login, please see the last step in the setup, which is Running NowSecure Workstation for the First Time.