Step 3 Running Workstation

Step 3: Running Workstation for the First Time

Before proceeding, make sure you have successfully installed NowSecure Workstation and have logged into the Ubuntu OS. If you haven’t installed it yet, check out Installing Workstation. Also, you will want to make sure you have an activated license, otherwise Workstation will not launch. For more details on licensing, check out License Activation.

Running NowSecure Workstation for the First Time

Before launching NowSecure Workstation, make sure the following items have been completed:

  • Ensure that only ONE device (Android/iOS) is connected to the system.
  • Ensure that the USB WiFi adapter is plugged-in/passed-though to the system.
  • Ensure the system is connected to the Internet.

Once you have verified the previous steps, you can then launch NowSecure Workstation by double-clicking the icon on the Desktop. A splash screen will appear to show that NowSecure Workstation is launching.

Initially, NowSecure Workstation will ask prompt for the user password, which is the same password you used to login. By default, this password is nowsecure. The system will run a series of checks to determine if all of the required devices are connected properly, and that all necessary packages are currently installed.

System Check

If you run into issues during the system check on the first launch of Lab Workstation, check out System Check Fails in the FAQ for more detail on how to fix it.

From here, much of the assessment process can be accessed though our built-in help guide. This will walk you through the different components and features of Workstation, while providing an overview of how these tests can be performed. The guide can be found under Options->Help or by using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+H.

Workstation Help