Provisioning an iOS Device

Provisioning an iOS Device for NowSecure Workstation

Note: These instructions assume that you have already factory reset and jailbroken your device.

iOS7 - iOS8 - iOS9 (through 9.3.3) - iOS10.2 - iOS 11 (through 11.3.1)

NowSecure Workstation is hosted in a Cydia repository.  The repo is responsible for keeping the needed dependencies up-to-date and also responsible for the agent/certificate installation.

Provisioning Steps:

From the jailbroken iOS Device, open safari and browse to this URL: (requires a connection to the Internet).  

From this page, select Click here to Provision.

If prompted to Open in Cydia click Open.

A screen will be presented within Cydia. A screen will then be presented with a new button that says Continue to Package. Click it.

Select Modify in the upper-right corner.

Click the Install button.

Select Confirm.

Once complete, click Restart Springboard. The device will reboot.

Once the device is rebooted, you can navigate to the Cydia Applicaiton, click on the Sources tab and you will see that the Source has now been added.

On first launch, Cydia will need to prep the filesystem.  The device will reboot upon completion.  If this is the case, start back from step one after the device reboots.

The needed packages start to install.  During this installation, you will be prompted to install a certificate.  This root certificate is used in a couple of the network tests that NowSecure Workstation performs.  Select Install when you are presented with the certificate.

iOS 8 users: If you are not prompted to install a certificate and you are instead presented with a blank Safari screen, then you will need to reinstall the certificate using Cydia.  To do this, launch Cydia, click the search button in the bottom right corner, search for Certificate and select Certificate (NowSecure), select Modify in the top right corner, and choose Reinstall. You should then be prompted to install the certificate.

iOS 9 users: To install the certificate for iOS 9, return to the page from the devices browser.  At the bottom of the page, select Install Profile.  You will then be prompted to install the certificate.

The device has now been provisioned for NowSecure Workstation.

Manually Adding a Source (Optional):

If the above instructions don’t work for some reason, you will need to manually add the source within Cydia.  This can be done using these steps:

Ensure that the device is connected to the Internet.

Open Cydia (on first launch, Cydia will need to prep the filesystem.  The device will reboot upon completion).

Select Sources from the bottom menu of the Cydia application.

Select Edit in the upper-right corner, then select Add in the upper-left corner.

Type the following URL:

Select Add Source. The NowSecure Workstation repo will be added as a source

Select Search in the bottom right corner of the Cydia application

Type NowSecure NowSecure Workstation into the search bar.  Select the NowSecure Workstation package for your respective iOS and NowSecure Workstation version.