Advanced Functionality

The NowSecure jailed testing methodology is made possible through the use of the NowSecure Gadget, powered by Frida​.

Frida is a dynamic instrumentation toolkit for developers, reverse-engineers and security researchers. Events captured during analysis are currently available in JSON. Future updates will allow this data to be used for new checks, providing recommendations, remediations, best practices and more.

Data points currently available today:

  • Jailbreak Detection - lists methods detected during analysis
  • File System Interactions - monitors local application file access via the application
  • Code Level Network Calls - captures CFURLconnection and NSURLconnection calls
  • Keychain Interactions - tracks events related to the iOS keychain
  • Crypto Calls - displays cryptographic methods along with the underlying data
  • SQLite Data - shows relevant queries, text, files, and returned results
  • And much more…