NowSecure Workstation is a pre-configured hardware and software kit for vulnerability and penetration testing built for the most advanced assessments of Android and iOS mobile apps. Point and click automation, integrated configuration management, and built-in customizable report generation compresses testing time from days to hours while ensuring deepest coverage, with full repeatability.

Jailed Testing

The workflow for jailed testing differs slightly from traditional jailbroken testing. Each time a dynamic or behavioral test requiring interaction is initiated, NowSecure Workstation will:

  • Open the chosen application on the Analyst’s behalf
  • Inject the NowSecure Gadget code into the app’s process at runtime
  • Collect information during the test
  • Upon completion, analyze all collected data and flag any vulnerabilities

From an analyst perspective, this workflow means that the application must be launched by the analyst each time a test is initiated, as opposed to attaching to an already running process as per the existing, jailbroken testing workflow in NowSecure Workstation.