Backup/Import Projects

This page will guide you through creating a backup from an existing project and importing a previously created backup.

Backup Project(s)

To begin the backup process, select “Backup Project(s)” from the drop down menu located under options.

Backup Project

Once clicked, a project window will be displayed that lists all projects that have been populated into Workstation. The analyst can choose to backup a single project, or backup all projects. For a single project, simply click on the desired project, and select “Backup.” Selecting “Backup All” will select all projects by default, regardless of what is highlighted.

Backup Project

A file directory will appear where the analyst can select the location to save the archived project, and specify a name for it as well.

Import Project(s)

The Import Projects feature allows you to import any previously exported projects that were created using the “Backup Projects” feature. This can be performed by selecting “Import Project(s)” under the Options menu.

Import Project

Upon selecting “Import Projects”, a file directory will appear. Navigate to the exported backup, and select it. Click “Import” to populate the project into NowSecure Workstation. A confirmation will appear on screen when the import has been completed.

Importing a “Backup All” .zip file will fail if a project with the same name already exists. To prevent this, either ensure that no projects are named the same, or check the “Overwrite local project(s)” option.