Device Manager

The Device Manager is an easy-to-use interface that displays real-time information about your device. It also allows you to update your NowSecure Workstation agent directly from the interface.

Launching the Device Manager

The Device Manager can be launched at any time from the device widget at the bottom left corner of the NowSecure Workstation interface:

Device Manager

You can also launch the Device Manager from the Options menu:

Device Manager

Device Manager Interface

The main interface displays various connectivity checks:

Device Manager Interface

  • Agent

    Checks the current version of the iOS/Android Workstation agent installed on the device. A green status means the device is running the latest version while a red status indicates an outdated agent or an agent connectivity issue.

    You can click directly on the red status button to automatically install the latest version of the NowSecure Workstation agent:

Device Agent

  • Root

    Checks for the necessary device permissions to run a Workstation assessment.

  • USB Connection

    Checks for proper communication between Workstation and the device.

  • WiFi Connection

    Ensures that the device is connected to the Lab-WiFi network. This status will be orange until a successful connection is detected. When properly connected the status will show green and network information will be populated in the General Information section.