This page will guide you through the different options in the Preferences window. Preferences can be accessed from Options->Preferences from the upper-right corner of the NowSecure Workstation UI:

  • General – Customize the report by editing the Company Name, Analyst Name, and Company Logo, and enable/disable options for sending usage information to NowSecure and desktop notifications.

  • Emulator – Enable/Disable an Android emulator for use in Android assessments.

  • Network – Modify the default interfaces, SSID, password, and channel or the Lab-WiFi network.

  • Startup – Toggle various activities that launch on startup.

  • Report - Change the default CVSS range for scoring vulnerabilities and modify, import, export, or reset the NowSecure Workstation findings template.

Findings Template

Under Preferences->Report->Modify you will find the Findings Template. Listed here will be all the default findings that NowSecure Workstation generates.

To modify a finding, select the name in the list and click Edit in the upper-right corner of the window. From there, you can change Name, CVSS, Description, Recommendation, and Regulatory mappings.

Updating findings within the Findings Template will not change existing projects or any finding that has already been generated. The new finding will only be applied to future assessments as findings are generated.