Toolbar Buttons

This page will guide you through the different steps in the Setup tab.

Main Buttons

Four buttons are used to manage projects, assessments and perform some troubleshooting actions:

Main Buttons

  • New – Create a new project or assessment

  • Open – Open a previously created project

  • Save – Save the state of your assessment/project at any time

  • Delete – Delete a finding, screenshot, note, artifact, or assessment.

  • Select the item you wish to delete from the tree-view on the left-hand side of the user interface., then select the “Delete” icon

  • WiFi Troubleshooting – Performs a reset of the network wifi connection in NowSecure Workstation and on your device.

Additional Buttons

Three additional buttons are shown when you open or create a project. They are used to launch the mobile agent, generate your report and view the Background Task Manager at any time during the security assessment.

Additional Buttons

Additional buttons described here are only available after creating or opening a project.

  • Launch agent – Launch the agent to perform various functions such as viewing device info, installed apps, running processes, device keychain, create screenshots, and more. Many of these functions are incorporated within other tabs throughout the analysis process.

  • Generate Report – Generate your Workstation report for all assessments in the project.

  • Background Task Manager – Launch the Background Task Manager (see the Background Task Manager help section for more information)


A menu with the the different NowSecure Workstation options and preferences is available on the left of the toolbar:


  • Log – View different log messages generated by NowSecure Workstation. It is also possible to send to NowSecure Support a log summary, allowing for futher troubleshooting and debugging if needed.

  • Preferences – Set analyst and company name as well as a logo to be automatically included in the reports generated by NowSecure Workstation

  • System Check – Runs a series of tests to ensure that NowSecure Workstation has the necessary connections/permissions to run a vulnerability assessment

  • Backup Project(s) – Allows projects to be archived as .zip files

  • Import Project(s) – Allows projects that have been previously backed up to be imported

  • Check for Updates – Provides an automated check to ensure that NowSecure Workstation is up-to-date

  • Device Manager - Launch the Device Manager allowing to review your device status.

  • Help – Contains User Guide, Troubleshooting steps, and other helpful information about the software

  • About – Contains NowSecure Workstation version information

  • Quit – Exits NowSecure Workstation